26 days until manuscript delivery

This is what happens when I instant-message with Eden. We try to work on our book then we start talking about nicknames and then everything goes black.

(I have deleted the parts where we sent animated emoticons to each other, back and forth, for hours. You're welcome.)

kennedy_mrs: I had a roommate try to call me Ede. Oh how I laughed behind her back.

kennedy_mrs: My old boss calls me Edie Gourmet. It's the only nickname that's truly haunted me my entire life.

finslippy: OOF

kennedy_mrs: Sometimes he just calls me Gourmet.

kennedy_mrs: No, it's okay, coming from him. He's a goof.

finslippy: I had a camp counselor call me Milton Bradley, and I wanted to kill him.

kennedy_mrs: LOL

finslippy: Then he started calling me Milton. Then Milt.

finslippy: Not what a 12-year-old GIRL wants to be called. NOT AT ALL.

finslippy: Chapter 11 is done. DONE!

kennedy_mrs: chapter 11 is done!!

finslippy: I mean, I think.

kennedy_mrs: Good enough



kennedy_mrs: you have a dream!

finslippy: I am exactly like Martin Luther King Jr!

finslippy: Actually more like Martin Luther

kennedy_mrs: Milton Luther

finslippy: Oh dear.

kennedy_mrs: Uncle Milty Luther

kennedy_mrs: funny, right? are you laughing? WHY AREN'T YOU LAUGHING?


finslippy: If I made a board game out of the Reformation, then I would really be MILTON LUTHER

kennedy_mrs: god you're so intellectual

finslippy: You know it.

finslippy: Did you chuckle and/or nod with a wry smile?

kennedy_mrs: uh

finslippy: DID YOU

kennedy_mrs: the only thing I remember about martin luther is that he nailed 99 somethings to a church door, and this upset the diet of worms

kennedy_mrs: 99 theses

finslippy: HA HA DIET OF WORMS

kennedy_mrs: HA HA WORMS

kennedy_mrs: Germany is a mysterious land