A few updates, plus!

1. In all the madness of the last few weeks, I forgot to call your attention to this interview I did with Karen Walrond--photographer, blogger, author of The Beauty of Different.

You have her book, right? If you don't own her book, you must rectify that situation immediately. Go on. I'll wait.

Karen is one of those magical people who makes you feel like you're gorgeous and witty and fascinating. The downside to that is, it's only later that you realize that you've said the word "funny" way too many times, you're not making all that much sense, and p.s. there are bed-sheet lines on your face (it was 8 am! I had just woken up!) and soon you're going to feel compelled to tell the world you don't normally look like a nonagenarian.

 But hey, I got to spend some glorious quality time with Karen. Just listen to her voice in that video. WORTH IT.

2. Eden and I started a "Let's Panic About Babies" Flickr contest --take a humorous-type photo with a copy of our book, submit it to the pool, and you could win your choice of Subversive Cross Stitch kits! But hurry--you only have until April 14th. HURRY!

3. I added an extra category to my site: Books. (Which is hilarious, as I have only one.) (FOR NOW.) I've put all our upcoming tour dates on there, so if you live in Portland (Oregon), Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, or Minneapolis, all the information on when and where we'll be is there. And yes, we hope to visit more cities in the coming months.

4. Finally, here's a blog post I keep pointing people to whenever they ask how they can help us with our book. This is great advice for anyone who's friends with an author, plus it explains why we all go a little insane, the first few weeks (and months) after our books come out. And why I keep staring at the Amazon rank. Because staring at it keeps it aloft! That's just common sense.