A good morning.

He ate both waffles.

He examined his sticky fingers and said, "I need to wash up."

He wanted to brush his teeth and wash without me, as a surprise.

"When I come out, you say, 'How did your teeth get so white?' and 'How did your hands get so clean'?"

He forgot that he needs my help squeezing the toothpaste. I came in, for a second. I had to pretend I didn't do that.

He jumped out of the bathroom and did jazz hands at me.

He stood on my bed, carefully brushing his hair, while I got dressed, and explained to me how he likes his hair done.

"You have to have your hair off your forehead, so you can look beautiful," he explained.

He brushed my hair. "You have a big forehead so it's easy for you to look beautiful."

Then he said he was going to show his Dad how beautiful he looked, and he ran downstairs.