A list of celebrities and what they smell like

Because I think you should know.

Justin Timberlake: Vetiver, anise, llama tears
Glenn Close: Gummy bears and woodsmoke
Eric Bana: Dragonfruit smashed with a hand-rubbed mahogany desk clock
Anne Heche: Driftwood and ambergris, with notes of alligator
Tom Skerritt: Peach blossom, shrapnel, gooseberry bitters
Edie Falco: Madagascar vanilla muddled by porcelain doll feet
Peabo Bryson: The silk lining of a 19th century leather valise
Will Smith: Surprised bergamot
Selena Gomez: Leviticus 2:16
Craig T. Nelson: Juicy Fruit, civet musk, houseboats
Dianne Wiest: Peppermint-infused beard gloss
Michael Caine: A geodesic dome wrapped in handwoven butter muslin
Angelica Huston: Hematite, starfruit, irony
Jay-Z:  Absinthe diffused in a particle accelerator
Bryan Cranston: Turkish wildflowers picked during a sunshower
Emmylou Harris: Artisanal, locally sourced gyro meat
Clive Owen: Clouds