A little knowledge is a dangerous thing


At school, you learn math. Here is a math question:

Are we going to ride a bike, or not ride a bike?

The answer is: RIDE A BIKE. When correcting your student, karate chop the air with each word and then glare at her for at least five seconds. Math is important!

Extra credit: after 39 comes 30-10.


Is just a burning bush.


Will remove all your blood if you're not careful.


When you are the boss, you should be the #1 boss.

A good boss will always shout at his subordinates. He can shout the following:

I command you to make me a sandwich!

Work or you'll be fired!

Work I will give you threats!

Work or I will kill you! With a boomerang!

Your subordinates will tolerate boomerang-talk more than they will talk of guns, so go with BOOMERANGS.