A winner, and a book

First of all: we have a winner for the Windows Phone 7 giveaway! Erin McDaniel, congratulations on winning, and I hope the phone brings you much enjoyment and, uh, connectivity.

In other news, look at what I received last week. Go ahead, look. Don't turn away from me. Look--not there--over here. Helloooo? Are you--? Good. Stay there.


Advance uncorrected proofs!

It's a book! A book that Eden and I actually wrote, using our hands and brains. Also mouths, for when we spoke to one another. And ears for listening. I should probably stop listing which body parts we used in the creation of this thing.

(Parts of soul, for ripping out.)

These are the "advance uncorrected proofs," with a heavy emphasis on the uncorrected, oh my word. The editor sent us these in un-bound form the week before, and we spent an entire weekend doing nothing but going page by page through the book, correcting typos, images in the wrong places, weird captions that were funny when we thought them up but then seemed clunky on the page, etc. We removed entire sidebars, added over thirty new images, improved image captions--we rearranged entire chapters, here and there. So although I was excited to see this book in actual book form, it also felt weirdly frustrating that the actual book form (for now) is the unchanged version. I'm keenly aware of everything excellent we did to the finished product, and the reviewers are going to get this one. With the typos.

Chapter 1: It Seems That Someone Didn't Spell "Pregnant" Correctly

(We did not do that. We do know how to spell "pregnant.")

Our editor has assured us that reviewers are used to typo-ridden advance copies, and so we must forge bravely onward. And look: we wrote a book. A BOOK! With funny illustrations in it!

One of my favorite chapter illustrations

Eden and I made a book together! We're really proud of our baby. We can't wait to share it with all of you.

Speaking of which, did you know that you could pre-order? If you pre-order, then you might forget that you did, and on March 1st, your doorbell will ring, and it'll be like you got a gift! A gift from yourself in the past! You could order from Amazon. Or Barnes and Noble. Or then there's Powells! And, of course, you could go to Indiebound to buy it from an independent bookstore.

I'm just saying.