Addendum. And pictures!

I think I made my son sound more obnoxious than I meant to, in yesterday's post. The whole "OF COURSE I" whatever is such a put-on that I find it really amusing. He uses this voice that's not quite his, a sort of a mock-yell, and he quickly reverts to his charming self. It's sort of our schtick, that I ask the questions I'm not supposed to ask and in return he's indignant. In general, I've made it a goal of mine to not complain about my son in this venue—it just doesn't feel fair to him anymore, now that he's growing up (despite my best efforts) and not a baby with the typical baby issues. So. Okay!

On Monday Henry was sick-ish—just unwell enough to spike a fever right before school started, but then well enough to spend the next three hours demanding playground time. I denied him the playground, because I am a Cruel Woman who does not want him to have Fun on the days he is Afflicted with a Malady, but it was a beautiful day and I got stir-crazy so I suggested taking the dog for a walk.

Henry agreed, and took the camera. He took many photos that look just like this one:

Henry took about fifteen pictures of his foot.

But then I suggested he take a picture of Charlie, and he really got some good shots, if I do say so myself.

Henry's portrait of Charlie

I like this extreme close-up of Charlie blissed out on whatever godawful substance he located on this tree. .5 seconds later, he peed on it.

A glorious smell is on this tree

Then Henry gave me the camera, and I watched him and Charlie running amok in the park.


Doesn't he look sick?

Stopping for a rest

I would have been more upset about the lost half-day of freedom if my son wasn't such good company. (Most of the time.) Not that I was unhappy to see him off to school the next day. Sorry, kid, but mama's got to have her writing time, else she goes crazy. Thank you for understanding.