Announcing: A Year of Writing

I loved teaching The Practice of Writing in 2012 and 2013, but for 2014, I want to try something different.

A Year of Writing is a self-guided e-course that will arrive straight to your inbox. Starting Monday, January 6th, and continuing for all of 2014, you’ll receive a weekly email containing thoughts on writing, recommendations for further reading, and an activity or writing prompt. That’s one a week, every week, all year.

Now, as for the price: after careful consideration, I have decided to leave that up to you.

If you want to join the course, pay what you think is a reasonable amount. I only ask that you pay enough to make this a real commitment. Don’t pay so little that it’ll be easy to blow off your Year of Writing. That's not good for either of us. Only you know what you can and should pay. If you’re comfortable with the amount you’ve chosen, then so am I.

[edited: registration is now closed]

(When you click on the above link, you'll see that the official price is 0.00. Underneath that it will read "Item Price." Just add the fee you wish to pay.)

And now: answers to questions!

How will A Year of Writing differ from The Practice of Writing?

A Year of Writing will be less directive and more reflective. The Practice of Writing set forth a fairly rigid set of instructions designed to jump-start the student’s writing habit. It was a five-week commitment that demanded a lot of time and energy. A Year of Writing will provide food for thought for each week and exercises the student can complete on her own time. Instead of an intensive five weeks, you can devote as much time as you want, when you want. You'll discover how small changes in thinking and habit can add up to a year's worth of accomplishment.

Where is the course?

Only in your inbox. There’s no pressure, no need to compare yourself to other students. This is for you alone.

Who's this course for? Nonfiction writers, fiction writers? Can I take it even if I have no idea what I'm doing (or I already have an established writing career)?

A Year of Writing is for anyone who wants to explore writing in a different way: it doesn't matter if you write fiction, memoir, or poetry. I'll be hopping from one genre to the next depending on the week, and the exercises/prompts will as well. If you're strongly averse to taking risks or writing outside the area of your expertise, this may not be for you. All I ask is that you're open to trying new things. Your level of experience isn't important. If you're confused about anything, you can always reach out to me for clarification.

How much time will a Year of Writing take me each week?

It's entirely up to you. The emails will be fairly brief; the prompts and exercises can be completed in as much time as you want to spend. You can write a little every day, or devote one day a week to writing. If your schedule blows up one week, no one will yell at you for not getting the work done. That's life.

Can you provide feedback on my writing?

Because I’m not limiting the number of students, I can’t provide feedback as part of the course. I’m always happy to work out a separate arrangement with you, if you’re looking for one-on-one help.

Would A Year of Writing make a great gift for the holidays?

What an excellent question, imaginary reader! A Year of Writing would make a great gift. Just indicate in the notes section of your Paypal payment who the course is for.

I've already taken The Practice of Writing and/or I completed your Month of Writing Prompts. Can I take this as well?

Definitely. A Year of Writing will contain new material.

UPDATED TO ADD: Is there an installment plan available?

Unfortunately, I can't seem to make a choose-your-own-fee option for the installment-plan Paypal buttons. That said, if you wanted to pay a little now, and a little more later, I leave that up to you. We're working on the honor system, here.


UPDATED AGAIN TO ADD: Okay, but seriously, what should I pay?

You guys are cute. I seem to have flummoxed many of you. I really do want to leave it up to you, and I don't want to leave anyone out. But I will say that I charged $150 for my last class, and that was considerably shorter. On the other hand, I offered feedback during that course, and this time I'm not. Does that help any?

Sign up! Registration will close on January 1st, 2014.

Any more questions?