As promised, I will now go on and on about my leg-coverings

Since last we spoke, there are two MORE Redbook blog posts up on the site. Two! We're getting the kinks worked out, but it looks like the blog will update every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And we have a new name, which I will tell you as soon as it goes live.

In my last post I promised I would tell you all about my pants, which are jeans, and I love them. But I realized (too late) that my glorious, glorious jeans are from Uniqlo, and are thus only available in NYC (in the States, that is), so my flaunting them would be cruel.

This is why I am sparing you photographic evidence of said jeans. Your spirit might be forever crushed, if you saw them.

They are legging jeans (not jean leggings, which Uniqlo also has and are just tights with a jean design imprinted on them, and I would not recommend such an aberration, ever, ever ever ever), and Zan forced me to try them on, and I am forever in her debt. I would never have even considered them, as they are the skinniest of skinny jeans and are about 110% spandex and I assumed if I tried to get a pair on my person I'd be found an hour later, weeping in the dressing room, with the jeans bunched around my ankles. Zan assured me that I would love them, and I trust Zan in all things, so I trudged over to the dressing room. 10 minutes later I emerged looking like Moses coming down from Mount Sinai.

This is a picture of me.

I am sorry I cannot command you all to order them. They're ridiculously comfortable--they have an elastic waistband, for chrissakes--they look great (I think--frankly I don't even care if they don't) and I have three pairs and I would buy 10 more, given the chance. Oh! And they're $20. I know, I'm sorry. I'm the worst person ever, with the best pair of jeans.