Back home

Wow. Okay, so. So! Our book came out! Which you know already, I'm guessing.

Eden and I traveled to Philadelphia and Atlanta to promote the book (you can see information and photos on the "Let's Panic" Facebook page, if this is the sort of thing you enjoy doing), and then we came back to New York for a signing on Tuesday and a book party--which, by the way, was generously sponsored by Blogher. Blogher is also sponsoring our tour of the Pacific Northwest/Bay area during the first two weeks of April. Truly, their generosity is boggling to me/us. (More on that in a later post.) Then we head off to Chicago and Minneapolis and finally to the Mom 2.0 conference in New Orleans. (The dates of all these tour stops is also on our Facebook page. This is our way of forcing you to "like" our page. "Like" it, damn you! "Like" it in quotes!)

Now I'm home, and the hubbub has died down, and I feel, honestly, blaauuuugh. (That's a word.) Maybe it's the natural consequence all the excitement; maybe it's just from eating terribly and not sleeping well and drinking just a little too much every night for the past two weeks--whatever it is, I have been growling and snapping at my family all day and I really wish my husband would stop giving me searching looks and why must my dog smackity-smack at his private parts and I never realized my son's voice was so very peppy. Everyone just needs to shush for a while. Just shush for a few months! Then I'll be okay.

But I started writing this post to talk about was Japan, oh, God. JAPAN. Let's forget about my complaining, up there. Shut up, me. Whenever I wake up from one of my multiple naps I find myself drifting back to my laptop and there's another one, more footage of a slow tide of cars and boats rolling in a wall of black foam, covering an entire village, the whole scene looking like a miniature set, because there's no way that could all actually have happened. Again and again, all over Japan. So much devastation.

This is the third or fourth or more-th time in the lifetime of my blog that something huge and catastrophic has occurred (that fact is horrifying unto itself--I'm pretty sure record-breaking devastation didn't used to occur on almost yearly basis), something that would be unthinkable not to bring up. And yet I struggle with that, because after all, you're all getting coverage of the tragedies in Japan, well, everywhere else. I'm not a journalist, after all, and I like to imagine that I provide some comic or other relief from the tragedies of the day, mostly. Who am I to talk about such things?

But oh, if I had to wait to come up with a post that would make you laugh, I'd have to wait at least a week or two to write anything here. I couldn't do that. I wanted to check in, and make sure you're all okay (you will let me know, won't you?). And I want to thank you. For everything. Again. And I wanted to say that I hope you are safe, wherever you are. I would really like us all to be safe from now on. (If any of you know how we can swing that, please advise.) I wish you all higher ground, and warm blankets, and partners that give you searching looks even when it drives you batty.