Because maybe we need more junk.

“The elements of blogging, as far as I'm concerned, are already junk. Our lives, our entire world, form a heap of trivia and disaster. To some degree we're stuck in the tragic position of Klee's "Angelus Novus", unable to reach back and mend the catastrophe of history. What we do have is memory and language, which, along with a high-speed connection, is all you need to reshape it, hold it up for your readers, plunge your hand in and rip out the joke.”

Just as I was questioning this ridiculous exercise, along comes the Palinode to clear things up. Why aren’t you reading him right now?

I have a small, manageable group of blogs I read every week. I don’t venture beyond my tiny corner of the Internet nearly enough. You probably need to branch out, too. (Yes, you do. Stop looking at me like that.) So if you’ve been reading any new and/or noteworthy blogs, post them here.