Because Peter O’Toole isn’t mocked enough.


Scott: I would say this is bawdy and irreverent. Those are good words. Write those down.


Alice: I’d describe it as a “giddy tour de force.” If I were writing a review.


I’ve got a post up on PBS about Masterpiece Theatre’s “Casanova.” I was originally supposed to also write about “The Deadliest Plane Crash,” also called “You’re Not Anxious Enough, Alice, So Let’s Ramp Up That Plane Phobia of Yours”—but dang it all, my schedule wouldn’t permit me to write about both.

In my previous post, I forgot to add my favorite term ever, used by my friend Jen’s mom: “hang around bang arounds,” referring to the clothes she wears when she’s just, you know. Hanging around. And engaging in gang bangs.

Happy weekend!