Book tour, Day 4: Seattle

Seattle was way more of a whirlwind trip than I would have liked. I would have liked to live there, as it turns out. But I guess my family and life and whatever is in New York? I think they're over there.

I'm a little tired, you guys. I might also miss my family a little.

Anyway. We read! And people came! Maybe we shouldn't have chosen the "how to choose an appropriate sex shop" section to read when there were small children in the audience, but hey. Our plan had been set. The die was cast. And now their parents can field all kinds of new questions! I'm sure those old ones were getting boring.

We then went to the conveniently attached-to-the-bookstore restaurant for drinks and dinner. I have a picture that I attempted to upload along with this post, as proof. Proof that there were happy people drinking and eating with us! But alas, technology has failed me. You're going to have to take my word for it: there were people. And oh, they were happy. So happy! This is what happens when you come to our readings, folks. We erase all your troubles. We are magic.

Next up: San Francisco. Get ready.

Once again, bless the hearts of the folks at Blogher for funding our west coast tour. If it weren't for them we'd be home right now, crying into our shirtsleeves. We cry a lot, when we're home.