Book tour, day 97: Minneapolis, then NOLA. We may never find our way back home

We're in Chicago, I think? I've lost all sense of time and place. No, I'm pretty sure we're in Chicago. The Midwest, certainly. I know them from their accents. Their adorable accents!

Tomorrow we go to Minneapolis. No, wait, we're flying tonight. Whoopsies. Tomorrow we read in Minneapolis, anyway. Actually we'll be in Roseville, at the Barnes & Noble in the HarMar mall, I think it's called? Don't make fun of me if I'm wrong about this, Minneapolis. Or, you know, make fun of me. As long as you show up! At 7 pm, or preferably a few minutes earlier!

After Minneapolis, we head to the Mom 2.0 conference, where we'll learn how to construct and operate titanium-exoskeletoned mom-bots. You've seen the Stepford Wives, right? It's like that, only we're in on the plan.

Actually Eden and I are leading a workshop on Saturday, which we've cleverly titled "Let's Panic About Writing." We will be discussing writing, writer's block, and so forth. It will be illuminating. If you're attending the conference, you can join us! You're so lucky.

We're sitting in our hotel restaurant right now, waiting for the time to come when we can go to the airport and sit over there. Our lives have become a really boring parade of sitting, walking, and then sitting again. And then standing! Aaaand then sitting. I have no idea what I'm saying. Hold me. 

Eden's been sharing our tales of the road, along with photos and EVERYTHING. The cable I have that purports to send pictures from my camera to the computer has ceased functioning, so I must wait until I return home. But just so you know, I have pictures. I HAVE THEM! Kennedy's just winning at putting them up first. Not that this is a competition. (It's a little bit of a competition.)