Briefly, before the year ends

You! You, my readers, are too wonderful for words. Even the wacky comments I received on my last post--which were gloriously few and far between--were heartfelt and sweet. I love you all. You, especially. Yes, you, the one reading this. Come here. I shall give you a noogie. An affectionate one.

I have been posting sporadically at best for the past few weeks, and I intend to further try your patience as Eden and I hurtle toward our ever-nearing book deadline. Apparently when you get a book deal, you are then expected to write the book. Yikes. So as you can imagine, my brain has been pretty busy with that whole thing. Which is nice. I mean, for me. Maybe not for you, so much, yet. (Could that sentence be any more awkwardly constructed?) But just you wait.

I am taking a break from Finslippy until the holidays are over, so that I may wrap presents and strew tinsel on things. And stop worrying that I have nothing to write on my blog and my readers are expecting something and they deserve something good because they are so freaking wonderful.

Happy everything, and I will see you in the new year!