Cat's in the cradle, kid.

Come on, guys, it's time to wake up. Hey Dad. Dad. Dad. Dad. Mom, I don't want to cuddle. Stop making me cuddle and wake up. Dad. Dad. Why are you making that mad face? Get up. Get up now. Dad!

I don't want school. I want school to be over and to already be home. I'm going to lie here and scream the hours away.

I can't kiss you goodbye because my friend is over there. Over there! Let go! Stop kissing!

It's going to be so far to walk home. So faaaaaar. It's going to take too long. I don't want to look at leaves. Leaves are stupid. Walking is for idiots. This is taking too long!

I want dinner. Is dinner ready yet? Is it ready now? Now? Now? Now? How about now? I can't help you cook, I'm too tired. Is it ready? What does fifteen minutes mean? Does it mean now?

You don't have to kiss me goodnight, you already did. Another hug? Okay, but just one. DID YOU JUST KISS ME AGAIN?