Coloring with Henry.

Scene: the kitchen. Henry and I are coloring in his and my new favorite book, Scribbles. I had a book like this when I was little, and I think it was called the Anti-Coloring Book, or the Counter-Culture Coloring Book, or the Hippie Love Down With the Man Groove-Tastic Coloring Experience. I loved it so. Anyway! Henry’s drawing on a page that depicts a zoo. You’re supposed to draw the zoo animals. Only Henry’s not drawing an animal because he plays by no one’s rules. No, he’s drawing a giant cockroach. He pronounces it “cock-a-roach,” because he’s the reincarnation of Jimmy Durante.

“The cockaroach is zapping all the people with his mystic light force,” he says, drawing purple lines emanating from the bug to each hapless zoo-goer. Continuing to draw, he says, “Sometimes instead of cockaroach, for short I say ‘roach.’”

“Sure,” I say. I’m busy coloring the security guard. He’s terribly jaundiced, poor thing.

“Sometimes instead of cockaroach I just say ‘cock,’” he adds.

“Oookay,” I say.

Then he tells me, “The giant cock is taking over the world.”

At that second Scott teleports himself from his office directly to our kitchen, shouts, “That’s my boy!” and then whoosh, back to his office.

Maybe whoosh isn’t the right word. Frrring! I think that’s more like it.