Couldn't they at least make it a cool color?

Here's the saddest child-safety product ever (sadder, even, then the Toddler Tether, which, frankly, I can now sort of appreciate)--the Bumper Bonnet, a thickly padded helmet designed to keep your child from spilling his or her brains all over your new carpet. I'm not saying I haven't at times wished my child's head was wrapped in swaddling cloths. But this thing looks like someone wrapped a diaper around the baby's head and then affixed it with some masking tape.

And what about this baby's mother (reeling out of frame in the background)? Can't she, say, watch her kid instead of padding his head? Does she have to watch soaps and get drunk every morning while her child bashes his be-cushioned brainpan against the sideboard? Does he have to grow up asking why Mommy drinks so much Mommy-juice if the Mommy-juice makes her sad? That's all I'm asking.