Four days!

Mrs. Kennedy and I completed the final edit to our manuscript yesterday. And that, my friends, was an alarming amount of work. My eyes and hands ache, and my brain-parts are wrung dry. Scott was helping me punch up some of the jokes, and at some point over the weekend he barked, “DID YOU HAVE TO PUT IN SO MANY WORDS?” I knew how he felt.

I actually at one point thought we could move on the same day the manuscript was due, because after all the edits weren’t all that much, and if we just improved some of the humor here and there, and added in the images, how much work could that be? I could just finish it up while I took breaks from packing! BAH HAAAAAAaaaarh. That is me wheeze-laughing as I take another swig from the dusty bottle of Kahlua I found at the back of our pantry. Kahlua plus working straight through the night makes me feel like I’m in college again!

Fortunately Scott corrected me when I insisted we could move over the weekend, and instead we are moving this Friday. Which still seems too soon, right now, because I need to sleep for at least a week. On the other hand it can’t come quickly enough, because even as I write this my neighbors are outside on the stoop, playing Who Can Smoke the Most Cigarettes While Yelling the Loudest? Hold me.