Giveaway results! And more!

The winner of my The Internet is a Playground giveaway is…

Erin! Fierce Beagle Erin!

She told her sister to buy the book. THAT COUNTS. Erin, be prepared for an email from me, in which I will solicit your mailing address, and promise you that I won't actually show up at your home. But then, who can say what I'll do? I go wherever the day takes me.

I will write more soon. My writing is being impeded right now by two factors. One, my son is home from school, and as he's going to two-week sleepaway camp (SOB) in a few days, I want as much quality time as I can get with him until then. SO HE DON'T FORGET ME. And oh my goddamn heart, I almost can't take what a delight he's being. We're really enjoying his company right now. I kind of didn't realize how much of a drain second grade was to him until he was done with it. Academically it was fine, but as we were wrapping up the year I spoke with a few disgruntled parents about yelling and teasing going on. From the teachers. (He had two this year.) He never shared this with me. Then the other day I asked him what he learned this year, and he said, "Keep your head down and don't make trouble." Crap. Here's hoping he learns next year to keep his head up and make trouble when trouble is called for.

Two, I'm having a truly irritating relapse of arm/hand pain. I wrote years and years ago, back when my blog was in its infant stages, about my two-year adventure with repetitive strain injuries. I got to the point, back then, where I was completely incapacitated, despite loading myself up with meds and lidocaine patches and daily therapies of various kinds. Then someone recommended John Sarno's The Mind/Body Prescription, I read it, and within months my pain was completely gone. Gone, never to return.

If you have any chronic pain, you should read this book. It's all about how certain types of pain syndromes are often rooted in the emotions. He gets a little Freudian and maybe he's a tad angry with the medical community, but I just discounted the parts that didn't resonate, and it still worked for me.

ANYWAY. So I totally buy that the pain is in some way caused by stress, not any structural defects in my body or whatever, so why is the pain still shooting around in my arms? I'm so onto you, body! Cut it out!

Probably what I should be doing is writing even more to show my arms that they are FINE, and they can CALM DOWN already. And I will, as soon as I'm done building Legos with my son. He's teaching me how. Every few minutes he looks at the lopsided little structures I manage to build, and he exclaims, "You're getting really good at this!" I really like who he's turning into.