Giveaway: The Internet is a Playground

Hey, you! Yes, you. Not those other people. Screw them. This is between the two of us.

First of all, I wanted to alert you to the exciting news that we have begun updating the Let's Panic About Babies site once again, and will continue to do so. This week we have a delightful guide to summer camps. Is your child better suited to Camp Bleeding Fist, or Mario Batali's Camp Abbondanza? There's only one way to find out!

Secondly, I wanted to say: hey, we wrote a book. Perhaps you remember it? Well, it turns out, when you write a book, your work is not done. You have to keep selling it and selling it. And then selling it some more. Keep selling! No you cannot take a break. How dare you.

So I'm trying to think of ways I can tell the world that they need our book, and what better way than to ask you, my people, to help? NO STOP DON'T GO I HAVE CANDY.

(I do not actually have candy.)

Here's what I'm going to offer. I happen to have two copies of David Thorne's new book, The Internet is a Playground. And I am going to give one of them to one of you. Not both. I need a copy for me, sorry. If you're familiar at all with David Thorne's site, you know that he is probably the funniest writer on the web, a fact that makes me very angry. The book is even funnier, goddammit. I highly, highly recommend that you let me give one of you a copy.

(Full disclosure: David Thorne sent me a copy, because he is great, and then the publisher sent me a second copy because I think someone messed up, but I wasn't about to complain about it. He has not asked me to do this giveaway. I have my own ideas!)

To be in the running for this hilarious book, all I ask is that you do something to tell people about our book, and then tell me what you did in the comments. I don't require a grand gesture. Write a review on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Recommend it on Twitter. Mention it on Facebook. "Like" our Amazon page. Throw your copy out the window at someone's head and shout, "Read this, sucker!" For reasons you can I'm sure understand, I'd prefer it if you went the social-media route and not the hitting-people way. It can be whatever you like. Just tell me what it is in the comments. I'm using the honor system, here. I will not check up on you. That is how much trust I have. I am so trusting. Like a lamb. Lambs aren't suspicious, right? I don't imagine they are. I bet they don't even know what the honor system is. They just live it.

The only thing I ask is, don't give me some thing you did in the past, like, "I already told my sister to buy your book. Pay up!" I'm asking for a little something now. Just a little something.

Oh, and if you spread the word in more than one way, you can comment more than once. If you promote the book in ten different ways, you can comment ten times. There's no end to it.

Also, I will give you a bookplate sticker, specially inscribed to you, that you can put in your copy of Let's Panic About Babies. You have a copy already, I'm assuming. (I mean, you can put it in The Internet is a Playground, but I think we can all agree that that wouldn't make any sense.) If you don't, you can stick it on your shirt. And pretend I made you a custom t-shirt. I really don't care.

I will randomly choose a winner from the comments. Winners can be from ANYWHERE, none of that U.S./Canada nonsense. The winner will be announced next Thursday. Thank you in advance for your patience and for being the best, etc. etc.