Good news: I finally learned how to skip!

I'm participating in the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge this year! Donors Choose is an online charity organization that sends money directly to classrooms in need. You can choose which classroom projects you want to support and find out about the teachers and students you'll be helping. So many teachers are hampered by supply needs as mundane as pencil sharpeners and rulers, and we can help, immediately and directly. It's incredibly rewarding!

Here's the best part: if you donate any amount up to $100 and enter the match code FINSLIPPY at checkout, your donation will be matched. Doubled! It's like magic. Thanks to, I can match up to $50,000. That's a lot of help to a whole bunch of worthy, struggling classrooms.

I'll be participating in the Challenge for the next two weeks, during which I'll be posting embarrassing school-related pictures and/or memories. Brace yourselves. It's going to get awkward around here.

And now... me in kindergarten.


I've never been lovelier!

I don't know what's up with me in this picture. My first grade photo is infinitely cuter. I just look so…rectangular, here. Rectangular, and nonplussed.That haircut is doing nothing for me. Would it have killed someone to put a comb through my hair? It looks like I just endured a vigorous noogie.

Here's my report card, which should be titled, "Lower Your Academic Expectations For This Kid, Mr. and Mrs. Bradley."


Full name and address? N.
Telephone number? N.
Ugh. Ability to tie shoes? N.
Ability to work independently? N.
Can skip/jump/hop without breaking something? N.
Can she color in the lines, for the love of God? N.

You know what stings the most, though? That "S-" in "works and plays well with others." Ouch. It's like it's code for, "Well, technically she can get along with people, but she's kinda whiny."

I remember very little about kindergarten, but what I do remember was unimpressive. I got into trouble for blowing bubbles in my milk carton during snack time. Also for eating some paste. (Minty!) I can't even remember my teacher's name. N to you, Teacher Lady! N TO YOU.

S+ to all the teachers on the DonorsChoose website, on the other hand, for their passion and enthusiasm. Please pitch in!

Tomorrow: first grade. In which I am toothless.