Hack, cough, wheeze, sob

Last week I was downed by the flu, and it was the exact opposite of pretty. Scott eventually succumbed as well, and we spent the weekend lying in bed, moaning and shivering, while our kid watched hours and hours of television and could have eaten his weight in chocolate chips without us noticing. (He didn't.) (We had no chocolate chips.) (I checked.) While we lay together, huddled in our damp sheets, marinating in our awful juices, we agreed that 1) this was the sickest either of us have ever been, 2) we would prefer to never be that sick ever again, and 3) we are idiots for not getting the flu shot.

So if you have not, please, get the flu shot. Please. This is my gift to you. Telling you this. Because you didn't know it already.

But now we are relatively well, except that I have this lingering hell-cough and I am almost certain I'm going to hork up something vital, sooner or later. In addition, I can't quite move my eyeballs. It seems that the flu makes your eyeball-muscles sore! I have to move my head to see anything. It's the most pathetic thing you've ever seen, take my word for it. Maybe not the most. Definitely top five.

Hey, and while I'm writing this, guess whose child is complaining of achy limbs? And is coughing? Guess who decided against getting her child a flu shot this year? Guess who now feels terrible for not getting her child the flu shot? Although in her defense, last year when he got the shot he had these severe headaches for three straight days and it scared the bejesus out of the entire family? Hint: the answer to all of these questions is the same!

Quickly, before things take an even uglier turn for the sick: here are my Redbook posts from last week!

1. Minty Bear II is gone. Long Live Minty Bear.  Henry lost the second Minty Bear, and it was even worse than the first time.  

2. Why I don't believe you should fear the Hot Nanny.  "If you don't want to hire someone pretty because you think your husband will run off with her, you may have to ask yourself some tough questions. Like, 'Am I married to Jude Law?'"

3. On Gabrielle Giffords, brain injuries, and the amazing Anissa Mayhew.  "I really believe, as I'm sure other people who read his posts do, that Peter's love and faith in his wife played no small role in her recovery. I feel certain that Representative Giffords is similarly blessed."

Aaaand he has a fever. Oh, we are so screwed. Oh dear.