Hair update #2

Enough about the new site. Let's talk hair.

First of all, this growing-out process has taught me something new about my hair: it doesn't grow unusually fast, like I thought it did. I was convinced my hair grew an inch a month (as opposed to the normal half-inch). It turns out that this was a lie I told myself, for no apparent reason. It actually grows at the same rate as everyone else. I'm learning so much about me! It's like adolescence all over again. My body is a wonderland.

And here my hair looks not gray at all

Here's an interesting thing about growing out your haircolor when your hair is short: when you have all these layers, it's easier to hide the growth. At least in some parts. Take the above picture, where it looks like I have no gray at all. Meanwhile there's about two inches of gray underneath the inch of the faded auburn blech on top. Look here:


I have a gray undercoat! I'm just like my cat. Who stared at me while I took pictures.

Izzy the Cat thinks I've lost my goddamn mind.

The tall one has gone insane. Perhaps she will die, and I can finally eat her.

Around the part area, you can see even more gray. Here you go!

2 inches gray, 1 inch orange

Finally, here it is in different light, where it almost looks like I'm going completely white:

Lots of grays

Oh, another thing I learned about my hair: I'm not as gray as I thought I was. Since I've been graying since high school, I assumed I would have a shining silver mane lurking beneath all the dye, but it seems like the end result will be far less dramatic. Nonetheless, I really like it, so far.

I haven't gone for a haircut yet, but I did, well, cut my own hair. Scott looked truly alarmed when I told him this. He seemed to think this was evidence of mental illness, Oh, men! Just because I have no haircutting experience whatsoever and maybe laughed a little too maniacally after telling him about my haircut! But listen, I had just trimmed Henry's bangs, and I was feeling confident. And it's not like I used the kitchen shears! Sheesh.

You're seeing the results here, and I think it looks perfectly fine and not at all insane, SCOTT.