Hair update: the end!

I have many, many Redbook posts to update you on, but you guys! Look! LOOK AT MY HAIR!

Less gray than I thought it would be

This is the entirely natural color. There is no more artificial color in there.

It's entirely too short right this moment--I don't think the shorty-short bangs do much for my narrow face (I' m not fishing for compliments, here)--but within a couple of weeks I'll feel significantly less exposed. I'm so used to super-short hair that I don't stress too much over that naked-head sensation.

This is my sophisticated expression/

I want to grow my hair down to about shoulder-length now that I don't have to worry about hiding tell-tale roots and the like, but I actually love the color. It feels like me. Which it is. I am me!

Charlie trying to get away from the terrifying CAMERA

Also I coordinate well with Charlie, now, and I think that's the most important thing, don't you?

don't fight it, Charlie