Hazy shade of autumn

Here is my cat. CAN YOU SEE HER?

there's a cat in there!

Oh, but she is there. She is hiding. She is a sneaky bag-hider.

I put this paper bag on the floor thinking it would invite Izzy to enjoy Fun Active Times during which she would playfully bat at the bag, burn calories, and etc. Instead she decided that this Mystery Bag was actually a brand-new nap cubby. Cat just wants to rest. Only rest, says Cat.

She's still losing weight, though, I think, sort of, I mean SHE IS. Plus--and this is a big plus--her coat, which used to be greasy and disturbing from her midsection area down to her butt, is now all-over pleasant and shiny. You can pet her anywhere! You should not, however, pet her butt, because that is odd and also she will bite you. She is affectionate but her boundaries must be respected.


I'm not sure what to say about things. Things that are not my cat. I tried to write a new post for days, but all I had were three words, and those three words were "Autumn is weird." Fascinating! Tell me more, Ms. Bradley!

I always experience a slight decline in mood and eensy-to-moderate uptick in anxiety level around this time of year, and every year it takes me forever to catch on to what's happening. Sometimes I suspect I am less smartish than I heretofore had figured.

I used to like autumn, too. I have no idea what I was ever thinking. This time of year is terrible and also! It will continue to be terrible until April! The light is waning! The cold is coming! The snows will envelop us all!

are you kidding me.

For instance. Look at that. Look at our October Snow. That is the second-worst Guns 'n' Roses song ever. How dare you, climate. How dare you right to hell.

On the other hand we can wear layers. And that's nice.

Anyway, I've managed to cheer myself up, in all the boring ways, like taking care of myself and sleeping enough. BORING. Also, I am running while listening to fun music! (Running around, that is. I come back home. I'm not flailing my arms and screaming as I bound across state lines.) And it finally hit me, after watching three episodes of "Breaking Bad" on Netflix, that this is a fantastic show but a terrible choice for someone with anxiety. Right now I should only watch things that make me laugh or at least smile with enthusiasm. Like this other show called Baby Hedgehogs and Kittens in Teacups. Wait, no, that's Cute Overload. I thought Cute Overload was a show.

It SHOULD be a show, at that. Damn it, powerful network executives. What's it going to take?