Henry’s first post.

This is a story called the X in the Rock.

One day there was a rock. His name was Fred. He liked his friends, the knights. One knight was a very strong knight and one knight was a very fast knight. And they were all friends. The little knight was the fastest so he was the brother and the other knight was the strongest so he was the big brother.

The rock was stuck together with very very very very very very sticky glue. The rock could only be split apart with! The! Powerful knife. Four people had to hold it, I mean five people, to split the rock. I’m going to draw the big knife. [Henry draws the knife cutting the rock in half.] Now it’s in half. So the big X is actually a real treasure. But do you know what’s the problem? The glue can’t get unstuck! The rock is just stuck together. So they called for help. And do you know what they saw running toward them? In the darkness they saw a shadow. It wasn’t to a monster. It wasn’t to an alien. And it wasn’t to a spooky thing. When the sun came up they saw it was the Dag Knight. He thought they were calling for him so he just ran over! His castle was nearby.

And you know what the real problem was? No treasure was in there. And they decided, where’s the treasure? This is not a treasure rock! This is just a plain rock! That X was just a trick for you, silly!