Ho paura del ragno.

This is the one sentence I remember from the two years of Italian I took in college. And I probably got it wrong.

Yes! So! I am here! This computer at this Internet place, it does not function as I am liked it to! I am having the unhappy!

When I go to other countries I can't do their language, so I just speak the broken Englishes. They love it. No, really.

I must make this short, as the proprietor here, she is liking the incense, and my husband, he is having of the sickness regarding this. So! Our trip so far: pretty! We are surrounded by, um, what do you call it--nature. There are lizards in our beds. And snails in our shoes. There are many pretty sights. The pasta! What can I say! Hospitaliano! On the minus side, there has been some vomiting, and some not pooping, and some fever, and some refusing to eat a single foodstuff except for gelato. Guess who I'm referring to! C'mon!

Okay, Scott is reenacting Henry's regurgitation in the car on the way to San Gimignano, so I must leave you. More there will be at a later times! Me are hoping they will have the happy, the times in the next days!