I do what I'm told.

The other day Henry approached me and said, "Put this on your website." He then recited the following:

I am a Cosimi Kawayi. I am a curious sort of beast but smart. I live in the underground arc-Dakota. The Underdorkdakota. We eat fox and bugs and spider webs. Which taste like a sticky broth. We can't stand up but we're good gallopers. My fur is very pointy so the fleas bounce off. There is no space between the hairs. We can step far. We are very good swimmers. We live for six hundred a million and five years old. Seventy two hundred years ago we were half extinct but still in the ends of the dinosaur ages. We were once a simple breed much like humans but related to frogs. Not as clumsy as frogs, able to walk and breathe over water. After the dinosaur period we lived back and studied our old life by doing what happened in our future. So long and farewell.

I am not any less puzzled than you are. And I made the kid.