I love Schmutzie.

There are many whose blogs I love, and there are some whose blogs make me love them. Schmutzie is both.


Schmutzie is in the bath tub, heading into her second hour, when the Fiery One enters the bathroom holding an apple core.

Fiery: Would you find this disgusting if I put this apple core in your bath water? It would be like having garbage in your bathwater!

Schmutzie: No, not really. It's only fruit.

There is a splash, and the water dousing her magazine startles Schmutzie.

Schmutzie: What the hell are you doing!?

Fiery: The apple core is in your bathwater! Aren't you grossed out?

Schmutzie: No, it's still just an apple.

Fiery: Oh. Well, I would have been grossed out.

The Fiery One picks the floating apple core out of the bathtub and leaves to throw it in the trash.


My husband throws garbage in my bathwater. We call that a sense of humour around here.


Her blog makes me happy. Whether she's being hilarious or not hilarious at all. Just because she calls her husband The Fiery One, don't you wish she lived right next door? I wish she lived right next door.


The Fiery One's blog is also quite excellent. Behold.