I love you.

I had no idea just how little effort I had to put into a post to get a response from you people. You are entirely too generous and good-humored, joining me in my cave-person talk like that. You’re funny, and you smell nice.

Have you ever heard Code Monkey? If you haven’t, you should. It is my gift to you, fellow idiot. And I say that with all the love in my idiot heart.

Hey, did you know that no longer do you have to type in finslippy DOT typepad DOT (oh god my hands are getting tired) com to gain entry to this blog? www.finslippy.com is now the official URL over here. And because the site is programmed to open other URLs in a new window, if you have the original typepad URL in there and you click on the comments, you get a new window, and then you’re all bewildered and lost, and I don’t want that for you; I never wanted that. Change your links to www.finslippy.com today! Or, you know, whenever.

And did you also know that when you live in a town with (relatively for the area) low taxes, your streets will remain unplowed? It’s like off-roading over here. If we make it to the town border, which is luckily a half-block from us, the road are as clean and sparkling as they are in the springtime. In fact, it’s a balmy 65 degrees there, and no one has to work, and the dogs pee lemonade into the cotton-candy bushes. On the other hand, the residents have to tithe fifty percent of their salary to the town elders, and there’s that weekly child sacrifice. Given that, I'll take off-roading and a clean conscience any day.

Also, you probably knew this, and I wish someone had told me: children are expected to bring cards and treats for their classmates on Valentine's Day. Huh. Well. Henry showed up yesterday with a bag full of candies and hearts, and all I got was a heart full of shame. I mean, I saw it on the calendar, the comment about "bring goodies!" but I didn't believe it. I don't know what words mean, actually. It's sad.

Today I heard the teacher thank one of the parents for the earrings. Earrings? Does this parent know there are no grades involved in pre-K? That earrings aren't going to get the kid a college recommendation? I suppose she was being nice or whatever. I just don't get it. I always think of Valentine's Day as a meaningless holiday celebrating love. I mean, I like the kids in Henry's class, and I like his teacher, but not in that way.

In conclusion, did you know that there’s a new Wonderland post today? There is. Now let's make out.