I still don't need glasses, by the way

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Yesterday we covered kindergarten, and you saw my squarehead and poor grades. In first grade my head became much more regular-shaped:


COME ON. I was so cute. (I remember being desperately in love with that dress. And then I spilled chocolate milk all over it during lunch that day. Heartbreak!)

While I don't have a copy of my actual grades (most of what I have here is what my parents pasted into a scrapbook for me), I do have some hilarious teacher comments.

teacher comments first grade

You see that part about the glasses? Funny thing: I didn't wear glasses. What I did wear to school one day was an old pair of my sister's glasses. I must have stumbled around completely blind on that day. Then I came to school the next day with no glasses, and claimed they were getting repaired at the "Hillman-Cohen Vision Center," and until I got them back I was sadly unable to complete any work. This is not a real place. There was a Cohen's, but I added the "Hillman" for mysterious reasons. Maybe I thought if I made it extra Jewish it would be more believable?

I also like the part about how I Mother the other students. Capital M!

My first grade teacher was Mr. Enea, and I loved him. He let me read books from the sixth grade classroom, and he also let me go to the nurse's office whenever I asked to, which was an awful lot. (I was…anxious. You're surprised?) He was a warm and lighthearted teacher, and not someone who would yell at me for forgetting to put my coat in the right cubby. (I'm still mad at that kindergarten teacher! Boo! BOOO!) Mostly what I remember from that year was feeling relief. I could be weird and quirky and it was okay by Mr. Enea.

first grade class pic

Next up: second grade. Also known as "The Year I Peed My Pants A Whole Bunch."