If someone wrote a movie based on how I play with my son. Part 2: Spy movie.

Spy 1, wielding intricate weapon constructed out of many tiny, differently colored parts, confronts Spy 2, who is hunched over what appears to be a computer.

Spy 1: So. We meet again.

Spy 2: What? Oh. Yep.

Spy 1: Heh heh heh.

Spy 2: Hang on.

Spy 1: No, you're scared. I have a laser blaster poking you right in your head.

Spy 2: No, right, I'm terrified. I am! I'm just…uh…

Spy 1: HEY.

Spy 2: No, I'm trying to crack the code. The code that will, uh, destroy you!

Spy 1: Oh, no!

Spy 2: Oh yes! Hang on… I just have to hit "send"…

Spy 1: Are you sending … is that email?

Spy 2: Uh, yes, but I am sending it to my cohorts, who are coming to get you! Just as soon as I check something else on this, uh, death computer.

Spy 1: That's not a death computer. There's no such thing as a death computer.

He laser blasts Spy 2 in the skull.

Spy 1: I just laser blasted you right in the skull.

Spy 2: And yet I live! Hang on. I am trying to crack the, um, the other code.

Spy 1 slams the computer closed.

Spy 2: HEY.

Spy 1: Now I will torture you for hours! No help is coming!

Spy 2, sighing: I will find my cell phone and I will send the Text of Doom.

Spy 1: Too late. I've hidden your phone. IN MY LEGO BOX.

Spy 2: Oh, damn it.

Roll credits