If someone wrote a movie based on how I play with my son. Part I: Action movie.

Two men lie among blown-up vehicles of all kinds. The random vehicle components are hard to identify, as if they're all generic pieces that could fit any particular way into each other.

Man 1 (sitting up): I am going to build my space probe. I'm Han Solo.

Man 2 (also sitting up): Uh, me too. Wait, who am I?

Han Solo: Look at yourself.

Man 2: I seem to have a droid arm and the Joker's midsection and Princess Leia's head. This is very confusing.

Han Solo: No, you're Count Dooku. You're my sworn enemy.

Count Dooku: If you say so.

Count Dooku starts whaling on Han Solo.

Han Solo: NOT YET. First we have to build. All these pieces (sweeps hand toward left side of barren field) are for my deploying space probe. You have to use those other pieces.

Count Dooku: But there are only, like, a few wheels, and an axle. What can I build?

Han Solo: (shrugging) I don't know.

They build for what seems like hours. Count Dooku keeps giving up and lying down, until Han Solo yells at him to get back up.

Count Dooku: This is boring. Can we fight now? Or something?

Han Solo: Time to fight. Okay, I'm going to blast you with my space probe.

Count Dooku: I don’t think space probes are meant for blast—

Han Solo: You've been blasted.

Count Dooku: Oh, hell.

Han Solo: You're dead. Lie down.

Count Dooku lies down. Han Solo just stands there. Then he throws himself to the ground as well.

Roll credits.