I'm back

A month ago I realized I had been blogging for over nine years, and I sank right into a blog crisis. What am I doing? I thought. How can I continue? Shouldn't this end at some point? Nine years! Am I going to blog until I'm old and then dead?

I asked myself these questions, and then I waited for answers. I hid myself away from the world. I created a massive vision board. I walked until my feet kind of hurt. I sat down. I drank tea. Then coffee. Finally I realized that my questions were dumb.  

Why do I do this? Because I like it, I guess. Is it unseemly to go on for this long? I have no idea what that even means. Did I really create a vision board? Of course I didn't. I was unable to find images in magazines that resonated emotionally for me.

I considered scrapping this blog, the Finslippy name and everything, and creating a new one, with a new name, new theme, new LEASE ON LIFE!!!! (Multiple exclamation points!) But that's kind of like getting a boob job when what you really want is to know if God exists. (Don't look too closely at that analogy. I know I won't.) A new look wouldn't cure my existential crisis. I just had to power through it, and meet you on the other side.

While I was gone, I did make some changes to the ol' website. I tore out the ads; they were using valuable real estate, and the monthly checks had dwindled to the point that they made my bank sad. With the freed-up space, as you can see, I added a link to Flickr, so now you can see any new paintings I've, uh, painted. So that's nice.

There's no good way to write the "I'm back!" post after being away for too long, but sometimes you have to take a break, and then when you return it has to be awkward and uncomfortable. It's a rule. And then you can get back to the good stuff. Or at least the less-awkward stuff. Now: who wants a cuddle?