I'm in my car, and I'm coming for you!

Oh, my lovely lovely readers, thank you for your advice and your sympathy. It's heartwarming and yet at the same time chilling to learn that so many people are also terrified of being on the open road. I may still do the hypnosis, I may not, I don't know. Finding a driving instructor is an interesting idea, but I honestly don't think my panic has anything to do with not knowing what I'm doing, because although I emphasized my initial incompetence as a driver, I really think I'm pretty competent on the road. Even when I'm in the grips of an unnameable terror.

But hey, you handful of people who were all DON'T BE OFFENDED BUT YOU SHOULDN'T DRIVE and YOU SCARE ME, why do you write things like that? Do you really think that's helpful? (It's not, by the way. FYI. It just makes me give the computer the finger. While imagining that the computer is you.) And do you really think you need to be scared of me, the person in the right lane going exactly 55, her hands gripping the wheel tightly at 9 and 3, scanning her rear-view and side mirrors obsessively? I mean, okay, maybe there's a little hyperventilating, maybe there's a LOT, but sheesh, do you think I'm caroming against car after car as I hurtle down the shoulder, shrieking all the way? Give me a break. Be more scared of the people talking on their cell phones. They're out to kill us all.

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I'm closing comments on this and the previous post, because what the hell. I can. Whee! I'm drunk with power. Also there has been some wine.