In the future, we will all wear jumpsuits

Scott and I are discussing a line of something he wrote a while ago.

Scott: God, that's bad. I'm going to invent a time machine to stop myself from writing that.

Alice: I have to say, I think it was my idea.

Scott: Well, it was terrible.

Alice: I'm sorry.

Scott: Now I'm going to invent a time machine so that I can go back and tell myself not to listen to any of your ideas.

Alice: Yup.

Scott: I'll whisper in my own ear, "Alice is stupid. You don't know that now, but you will. Listen to me."

Alice: Uh huh.

Scott: "Turns out that Alice is stupid and has been all along. I am disrupting the timeline to tell you that she is stupid."

Alice: [yawning.]

Scott: "Events will unfold such that she is stupid."

Alice: You're hilarious.

Scott: "I am whispering because the temporal police have this area bugged."

[There is a pause.]

Alice: Speaking of which, remember a couple of years ago, when that old guy came up to you? In the silver jumpsuit? And he was talking about how stupid I am?

Scott: Huh. I didn't remember that until just now. Boy, you're smart.

Alice: I know. I really am.