It begins.

Henry: I have to tell you something. My best friend William French [not his real name—Eds.] had a cold today.

Me: So he wasn’t in school?

Henry: No. I just said that.

Henry: Actually, I was just kidding. About the cold. I was kidding! Do you know what really happened?

Me: No, but you’re going to tell me, aren’t—

Henry: I have to tell you something. So. Today we went to see Star Wars at the movie theatre.

Me: You went to see Star Wars.

Henry: We went to the movie theatre to see Star Wars. And on the way out William French hit! A! Pole! Like a wooden pole. He hit it.

Me: How did you get to this theatre?

Henry: We all got into a giant, monster size Toy Yoda. We went to see Star Wars, and on the way out William French saw a big wooden pole and he hit it with his hand, like a karate chop with his hand, and he broke it! He went hi-YAAA and broke it all in half.

Me: This story keeps getting better and better.

Henry: And now I have to tell you the very scary part. He had a Big. Wooden. Piece. Stuck in his hand. And the nurse had to take it out.

Me: The nurse at the movie theatre?

Henry No, the teacher who is also a nurse. She had to pull it out of his hand with giant tweezers. And he shouted, AAAH! But then it was all right. His hand was just fine!

Me: Wow.

Henry: You know what? I was kidding! William French just had a cold.

Me: That was a good story!

Henry (whispering): Actually I’m kidding about the cold. Everything else was real.