It's here!

Our book is out in the world, as of yesterday. Our baby! Be gentle with it, friends and strangers!

I'm overwhelmed by all the positive feedback we've received so far. First of all, check out the glowing review in Kirkus Reviews. If there was one review I was anticipating with teensy morsel of dread, it was Kirkus. They don't pull any punches over there. And with humor, who knows? We could have caught a reviewer on a bad day. I've already written every scathing review in my mind. I could have handed one over for them to publish. But they liked it! They really liked it!

As nice as that was, it's the congratulations and kind words from fellow bloggers and Twitter friends that really mean a lot to both of us. Here's a rundown of some of the nice mentions we've received so far, and I'm sure I'm leaving someone out, so please forgive me, whoever you are, and know that this is just because I've had three cups of coffee and if you were to peer inside my brain you'd see a chipmunk riding a little stationery bike that's hooked up to a motor that's powering an electronic monkey playing a harpsichord. It's amazing I managed to dress myself this morning, much less string words together all sensible-like.

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Melissa at Suburban Bliss
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Angella at Dutch Blitz
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Amber at The Amber Show
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Aimee at Greeblemonkey
Roxana at Everyday Treats
Liz and Kristen at Cool Mom Picks

And I didn't even list all of our tireless cheerleaders on Twitter and Facebook. I can't thank you all enough.

A bunch of the above bloggers are hosting giveaways (I believe Megan even has a gift basket to give away!), and I encourage you to visit their sites, but between you (my beloved reader) and me, if I had my heart's desire, all of you would buy a copy. Today, if possible. We want to generate as much excitement and buzz for the book as we can, and nothing raises the heart rates of our publisher like healthy initial sales.

I won't try to give you the hard sell, here, but I do want to say that this is a humor book, not a pregnancy or parenting guide, and therefore is appropriate for any adult with an appreciation of our kind of humor. It's great for a shower gift, but it's not only for pregnant women. No more so than the Daily Show would only be appropriate for pundits to watch.

The list price is $14.99, and it's available for much less at several sites. Where can you buy it, you may ask? Why, here! And here! And also here! And don't forget here! (The destination for that first link, incidentally, is selling our book at half the list price. I am just saying. For informational purposes.)

I'll be updating this site with more information, including our upcoming tour dates, very soon. (And I will also be updating it with non-book things, when my life resumes something approaching normalcy. Or, at least, you know, what it was.)