Lo, I have returnedeth. Returndth. Yes.

Well, you see. First I was working hard, then I was hardly working! Haw! The Husband, the Child, and I went to Sanibel, Florida with one set of the Grandparents. A fun time was had. It was sunny and warm. We did the things vacationers do—the sunning and the funning and so on. Not much of it was all that interesting, although to Henry it was an unprecedented thrill-a-minute adventure. He scooped sand with shells! He dunked his head in the water! And again! And again! He laughed death in the face—death, in this case, being a caged parrot at the local foodmart—a minute after he screamed his head off, and two minutes before running away! He tottered about the various shopping plazas, kissing strange women on the shins! He put a water bottle INSIDE his sand bucket, and then dumped the sand OVER the bottle, and then he put some sand IN his shorts, and then he said “sand” and “shell” and “Henry” and “poop,” and then!

But now we’re back, the kid’s asleep, and the husband and I are recovering from the fried, key-limed food we ingested on an hourly basis. More tomorrow.