Lo, there came upon the family two new members, and they were good





No, she's not mine. I WISH. This here is Madeleine, my niece!




My brother James is marrying the sweet, lovely, incredibly brave (sorry, James) Gillian, who comes complete with BABY. That's what we call "value added."

I have no pictures of Gillian because when I met the baby I was too busy 1) adoring her and 2) trying not to eat her whole. You'll have to take my word for it when I tell you they are an attractive couple.

And oh my word. THIS BABY GIRL. Babies are even better when they're not yours. 




I say unto thee: I bring you tidings of great joy, and also hook a baby up with some victuals, wilt thou?

Oh, Maddy. I wilt. I WILT.