Look who's turning 40 today

It's Scott! Everyone wish him a happy birthday! Go on!

Scott, contemplating a hairstyle change.

Doesn't he look distinguished?

For my 40th last year, Scott threw me an amazing surprise birthday party and got me a super-fancy camera. For his birthday, I’m getting him the Gift of Packing and Painting! His two favorite activities!

He is a lucky, lucky man.

Actually for his birthday I am taking him for an overnight stay here. And we will be eating dinner here. It will be fantastic.

But those will have to wait for a couple of weeks. Because there’s packing to do, mister! Get to work!


I asked Henry what he loves about his Dad, and he came up with a list. Here it is. I heartily agree with them all. And then some!

winter in the park with his Dad

Forty things I love about Daddy. By Henry.

1. All his love.

2. He takes me to get a snack after school.

3. He gives me an allowance.

4. He buys me Legos.

5. When he calls me “Buddy bear” or “Hank.”

6. And how bushy is that beard? …not so bushy.

7. The man is strong and a good wrestler.

8. He plays soccer with me.

9. He reads to me a lot.

10. He cuddles.

11. He makes me the best macaroni.

12. He draws funny comics with me.

13. He takes me to the movies.

14. My daddy is very, very kind.

15. I also think he is funny…

16. …and he’s cool.

17. I love how he makes all the funny creations when we’re playing with Legos.

18. His movies are good and detailed.

19. He’s always happy to see me.

20. I like the way he wakes me up.

21. I like the way his glasses make him look funny.

22. He thinks that I’m very kind and good.

23. He tells me that he loves me.

24. He plays me Indiana Jones.

25. I love that I know that he knows that I love him.

26. He tells me stories.

27. He trusts me.

28. He tucks me in at bedtime.

29. He’s the friendliest man I’ve ever met.

30. I like that he can work from home, so we can hang out.

31. I like that he is my Daddy.

32. He sets up the best birthday parties.

33. He helps me find Lego pieces.

34. He’s always proud of me when I say something smart.

35. When we get into fights he always gives me a true apology.

36. He always solves the problem, whenever there is one.

37. He helps me when I’m scared.

38. He lets me do things that are very fun.

39. He always goes camping with me.

40. My Daddy is the best.

Happy birthday, sweetie. You are, indeed, the best. I can’t wait to see you turn into a grizzled old man. It’s happening more quickly than I could have dreamed!