Love is coming to us all

Seasons in the Sun

I am seven. In our finished basement, I have fashioned a complicated hanging platform meant for my brother's unfortunate GI Joe. As I lead him up the steps to his noose, I sing "Seasons in the Sun," quietly, and cry.

And my parents wondered why I didn't have more friends.

Jenny From the Block

I don't know how it got into my head, but Henry was a newborn, I was out of my mind from sleep deprivation, and I sang it to him for months. I rewrote the lyrics:
Don't be fooled by the poop that he's got
He's still Henry from the block
used to poop a little now he poops a lot
no matter where he poops he knows where he poops from
(from the butt!)

Listen, I was really tired.

No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn

So what if I didn't get a role in the school musical? Who cares if it's my senior year and I always got a lead part and this time they stuck me in the chorus? And all my friends have big parts and now they're all acting all special and also not really talking to me? I'm going to play Beastie Boys in my car so loud that that old lady pulling up in the other lane gets all frowny! Whatever, GRANDMA!


The grape drink they give us at day camp tastes like the paper spout you drink from and leaves your mouth all puckery. I always try to get a second one.

You Are Too Beautiful

Scott and I shuffle around on the dance floor while everyone watches us. They probably think we've taken dance lessons because it's our wedding, after all, but within seconds it's apparent that we've never seen the inside of a dance studio. Our guest turn back to their conversations and leave us alone. Which is fine by us.

Carry On

I discover Crosby Stills & Nash (and sometimes Young!) my sophomore year of college. Somehow I missed them growing up, and now I can't get enough. I'm undoubtedly driving my hallmates crazy, but whatever, at least I'm not the girl who opens her door and blasts Erasure until we threaten to call campus police.

Steady As She Goes

Dance party in the kitchen. Henry, it turns out, does an excellent Robot. Scott comes home from work while we're jumping up and down, and without taking his coat off, he joins us.

Here Comes the Sun

I'm sitting in my crib, which my sister has covered with a large cotton blanket. I hear voices on the other side, calling to me. Soon a smiling head will peek in, then disappear. Until then I cram my fist in my mouth and bounce up and down, ready for whatever happens next.