Love is patient, love is kind

I couldn't be happier that Obama was re-elected, but what drove me to tears was the fact that gay marriage passed everywhere it was on the ballot. Things are changing.

I watched this video the other day with Henry and Scott and I cried and cried. And Henry was like, what's the big deal, here? Of course people who love each other should be married.

Of course. Henry's growing up in a country where, state by state, people are catching on. Of course, of course.

Whether you're as thrilled as I am by last night's election results or not, please, please don't forget that there are so many people rocked by Hurricane Sandy who are suffering immensely. People with no power, no heat--people who have lost homes and loved ones. Cool Mom Picks has a great round-up of charities that could use your donations. You can register for a month of writing prompts (which will help benefit Masbia, a soup-kitchen network), or donate on your own. And check out Occupy Sandy's registry of needed supplies. This crisis is nowhere near over, and there's another storm coming tonight.