May I Gently Suggest, #2

Good morning! It's rainy and bleak and I had a long unhappy dream last night about my hair turning into an afro? (edited to add: my unhappy feelings re: afros are only limited to when and if they appear on my own head; such a hairstyle would not be flattering on me, as I have the facial bone structure of Stan Laurel.) My hair is growing out, you see. It is awkward. It looks nothing like an afro, but clearly I am having deep, complex Feelings about my hair. My God, but I am multi-faceted.

I've changed the title of this feature from "Suggested Reading," because I intend to issue suggestions for non-book items in addition to suggesting books. That was awkwardly phrased. Moving on!

I can't believe I didn't read this earlier, but there it is. I am a big ol' fan of Julie Klausner, Funny lady with a Heart of Gold. From the Cat Whisperer to her podcast, every thing she does is, to me, glitter-dusted magic. I am loving this book even more than I thought I would, which is saying rather a lot.

I am not yet done with this book, but so far it's astonishing. The way Peter Carey writes, it's like a magic trick. I don't get how he does it. I want to tear the book apart to figure out how it works, but they're just PAGES, just like any other book. It's the devil's work!

This book was recommended by dear commenter DGM. I have a long list from last week's reader recommendations, bless your hearts. I'm waiting for the Brooklyn Public Library to magically teleport many of them to my Kindle.

I had a galley copy of Jenny's book IN MY HANDS just this weekend, but then she wrested it OUT OF MY HANDS and into the mitts of Evan from Obscura Antiques, so now I am sadly bereft. Jenny claims she's going to have her people send me another copy. Despite this blow to my dignity, I am compelled to strongly recommend that you pre-order her book. Jenny read three chapters out loud to me, and I laughed so hard that I am still soaking my pants with urine. (I'm exaggerating. I am a Kegel Master.)


In non-reading suggestions, you will watch Bill Cunningham New York. It is mesmerizing. Fashion-indifferent Scott was just as entranced by this as I was.


Finally, if you're at all interested in the Paleo diet, you must follow nom nom paleo. Her recipes are glorious. GLORIOUS. Every one I've made has been a winner. Last night I made her  slow cooker roast chicken with gravy, and the angels descended from heaven to see if they could get a taste and I booted them the fuck out of here because it is MINE MINE ALL MINE. (Also, I guess, Scott's. Henry refused to try it because he is clinically out of his tree.)

P.S.: If you are having problems with leaving a comment, please be assured that I am not blocking you. I promise. Unless you were going to write a comment that was one page of ALL-CAPS SELLING OF SHOE PRODUCT, I am not blocking you. Squarespace is experiencing some hiccups. You should not be seeing a request for you to fill out a captcha form. If you do, I share your frustration and I hope to get this cleared up quickly. Thank you for reading all of this. You are adorable.

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