May I Gently Suggest, #4: Winter Break Edition

This week was Henry's winter break, a time that is usually marked by gloom, slush, bickering, claustrophobia, and late nights surfing Priceline looking for deals on tropical vacations. This year, however, it's been sunny and warm and we've been going out for frozen yogurt and walks in the park. Thanks, climate change! My enjoyment is mingled with terror, much like this frozen yogurt is mingling with chocolate chips! (And yes, I realize that neither frozen yogurt nor chocolate chips are Paleo. I was reminded of this afterward, painfully. Ouch.)


I just finished 1Q84 and I enjoyed the hell out of it, I'm pretty sure. It's still too freshly read for me to figure out completely how I felt about it, but I will tell you that it's worth reading. It's long--over 900 pages--but not especially dense. I finished it quickly, thanks to insomnia, which enabled me to read at such hours as 3 am and 4 am and Why the Hell Am I Still Conscious am. Did any of you read it? What did you think?

When I wasn't making my way through 1Q84, I got to read my friend Matt's story. Matt is an incredibly talented writer (see: The Book of Right and Wrong), and "The Advocate" is just as funny and heartwrenching as his other work. You can enjoy it here for only 99 cents--free for Amazon Prime members. Download! Go!

If you're at all interested in watercolor painting, you need this book. I got this from my talented dad, who started me on this watercoloring obsession and also supplies me with free watercolor supplies and endless tips. Sadly I cannot gently suggest my father to you, as he is not for sale or rent. But this book is a fine companion, if not as huggable.

Finally, may I gently suggest Childbirth 101? Eden and I co-hosted this series, which is both amusing and information-packed, for those of you about to give birth or considering doing so in the future. (Or if you just want to reminisce?)

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