May I Gently Suggest: Summer Reading Edition

What shall I read this summer, Ms. Bradley?

I’m glad you asked, finally. Here’s what, for starters:

"Where'd You Go, Bernadette" is a very, very funny book. I can think of few books that are as purely fun as this. It is also completely absurd, so don't read this if you need everything to make sense. But if you’re willing to suspend your disbelief and you enjoy experiencing emotions like “laugh” and “fun,” pick this up. Maybe you have an upcoming trip and you’re anticipating turbulence, family drama, a mild case of heat rash. Well, then, this will be a welcome distraction. (Laugh’s an emotion, right? Where the corners of your mouth turn up? Look, I don’t have a PhD in feelings.)

"Life after Life" blew me away. I’ve never thought much about joining a book club, but now I want to, just so I can talk through this book with fellow readers. As soon as we’re done with our discussion I’d quit, of course. And steal the rest of the wine on my way out. Any good cheeses, if you have them. If I get caught I'd make up a story about my sick great-aunt who can only eat cheese and wine. Why won’t any of you let me in your book club?

I know, these are pretty well-known books, but they can't all be obscure. And they’re good. Anyway, I have more for you. So much more. Books you’ve never even heard of. In Finnish.

What are you reading? What aren’t you reading? What will you only read on your Kindle so that no one can see you’re reading it?