One of many getting-up-at-midnight-to-pee conversations

Henry (handing Minty Bear to Scott as he staggers to the toilet): Here, Mom. Ha. I called you Mom.

Scott: I'm your dad, in fact.

Henry: You're fat. Heh.

Scott: Uh, thanks?

Henry: I said you're fat.

Scott: Yes, I heard you.

Henry: No, you said you're fat.

Scott: What?

Me (because I can't not butt in): He thought you said "I'm fat" when you said "in fact."

Henry: Heh. You're not fat.

Scott: Well, you know, I do have a little meat on my bones.

Henry: Oh, everyone has meat on their bones.

Scott: Without meat we'd be just bones.

Henry: We'd be bones all wriggling around. We need meat to stick together.

Scott: That's right. Meat is scotch tape for people.

(New Wonderland post up today. This one is about stem cells. You will like it! At least, I think.)