Preschoolers can be fun!


Me (talking on phone): You sound terrible. Are you feeling all right?

Henry (looks alarmed, grabs for phone): Give me the phone.

Me: Mom, I think Henry wants to—

(Henry takes phone.)

Henry: What’s wrong? Is everything okay? (Pause.) Something’s wrong, what’s wrong? You’re okay? You’re fine? Okay. Okay, good.

(Hands phone to me.)

Henry: She’s okay.

Me: Glad to hear it.

Henry: Who was I just talking to?

Henry: What’s that?

Me: This? It’s, um, a tampon.

Henry: What do you do with it?

Me: Hmm. Well. What do you want for lunch?

Henry: You’re bleeding. You’re hurt.

Me: I’m not ready for this.

Henry: What? You’re not ready for what?

Me: Hey, let’s go to the toy store!

Henry: What a good idea! (Pause.) But first we have to bring you to the hospital.