Radio's playing some forgotten song

So Henry is now demanding music that rocks, and not just rocks, but rocks "hard." "I want to rock out," he tells me. All the time.

I don't know where he gets it from. Scott and I enjoy the rock-and-roll just as much as the next parent, but it is not often that we can be found "rocking out."

Are you imagining me perched on the edge of my straight-backed chair, adjusting my pince-nez? If so, you are exactly right. That’s how I sit. And that's what I wear. And yes, my expression is pained. My unadorned, starched shirt is high-necked.

But I digress! The boy wants to rock, and his rocking involves these hip-shaking moves that amuse us and the neighbors, so I have been assisting him as concerns rocking. His favorite, naturally, is "We Will Rock You." And we get to listen to that until my ears fall off my head. So now I'm finding him new rocking-out songs. One of them is Golden Earring's "Radar Love." And why not? Where would we be without Golden Earring? Stuck with 10cc and Manfred Mann, that's where. So I download "Radar Love," and ever since Henry has been shimmying around the living room, whipping his head up and down until I'm worried he's going to concuss himself.

When he was at school the other day, I wasted precious minutes on Youtube, gaping at the Radar Love video.

First of all, why did no one ever tell me that Golden Earring is Dutch? Somehow this ruins them for me. I'm sorry, Dutch peoples, I love your country and your delicious tiny pancakes, but I never thought of you as cool. Second, the video, oh dear. The guy in it is tootling around the countryside in a three-wheeled car. Then, what, the policewoman and, they, what, and then their cars are handcuffed…to each other? What? Nothing makes sense anymore.

I complained about this revelation to Scott, who informed me that Golden Earring was never cool. Then he mocked the very concept of "radar love." Then he mocked me for ever thinking it was cool, and let's keep in mind that I was four when I first heard it, and I believe he then began singing a version called "Sonar Love," but I couldn't hear him because I was shouting LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LAAAA. We're grown-ups.

Excuse me, I'm off to download some Foghat. And I will not be ashamed.